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sweet dreams are made of bees, who am i to diss a bee, travel the world with the seven bees, everybodys looking for……….bees

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I don’t think anyone understands the urgent need I have for a Cap 2/Elementary crossover with joggingbuddies!Sam and Joan

No, seriously. They’ve taken the same route for years, mainly making small talk over warm-up and leg stretches, just appreciating each others company and taking it for granted.

But then Joan leaves medicine and her old apartment and Sam is shipped to Afghanistan and both just drop out of each other’s lives because no one ever thought of exchanging contact info.

Until the search for Bucky leads Sam and Steve to New York and they lay low for a while, and Sam bumps into Joan again. They spend a few days catching up, and Joan talks about going from sober companion to consulting detective, Sam talks about being a councillor, about how exhausting but rewarding it is. And they both talk about loss, and no on really talks about what it is that drove them into care, about the need to repent, but maybe they don’t have to.

So of course Joan invites them both over to the Brownstone and Sherlock is beaming like it’s Christmas morning because case, Watson! Case! And who would better suited to help catch a Soviet ex-assasin than the best consulting detective in the world, right?

Except, no, fuck this, crime solving is one thing, but this is a brainwashed amnesiac ex-assassin with a metal arm they’re talking about and it’s going to lead to explosions so Joan politely sends the two on their way with a lead to Europe, her patriotism be damned.

oh, and next time Sherlock brings him an unusual pet from the case, like a cobra or a cockatoo or something, Joan can’t retort with anything because Watson, may I remind you that you brought home Captain America from your morning jog.

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xthis is wonderful xjoan and sam would be such good friends xalso sam would get along really well with marcus



Captain America Deleted Scene: Bucky at War

#hey ho lemme whisper at you a thing    #bucky did not want to go to war    #steve did    #bucky realized that steve needed him at home more than the world needed him at war    #but the world never sees things that way    #so he was drafted    #but because steve tried so hard time and again to enlist    #he couldn’t tell that scrappy little punk he hadn’t joined up voluntarily because it would crush him    #so he lied    #and it’s one of those lies he tells steve    #because he has to lie to protect him    #and he goes overseas because running away isn’t an option because steve would never run with him and would never forgive him for running    #even if he’d do it so that steve always had someone to look out for him    #and from the minute he steps foot on the battlegrounds    #he’s afraid    #because steve wanted this and all he can think is how he’s not sure he can survive it    #so how could that little pipsqueak who weighed 90lbs soaking wet survive over here    #and the deeper he gets    #the more he sees    #the more he’s afraid he won’t make it home    #and he never found someone to look after steve    #and who’s going to take care of him now?    #the cocky kid from brooklyn can kick a bully’s ass for picking on the little guy no problem    #but how do you kick the ass of an unstoppable force?    #the closer and closer he gets to the thick of things    #the more he worries    #because steve is going to be alone in the world  #and he made a promise #he promised him ‘til the end of the line’ but their lines were supposed to end together #not like this #and when he’s captured with the 107th bucky’s first thought and last lucid thoughts are for steve #and he finds himself praying to a god he stopped believing in a long time ago and lost even more faith in when he got to the war #praying that if he’d done any good in his life that it be enough to ask one favour #that god send someone to look after steve when he’s gone #becuse he’s not going home and the punk needs someone to watch over him


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One never needs a reason to reblog Leonard Nimoy singing The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

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Electra Heart x lyrics (inspired by xx)

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On what it was like shooting the purple wedding: ”All of us girls are sitting there, because it’s so hot in Dubrovnik in Croatia in the summer. So we’re all sitting with our skirts up around our necks, you know, playing scrabble. It’s very glamorous” — Natalie Dormer on Late Night with Seth Meyers (x)

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Have I ever told u just how many star trek ocs I have


Have I ever told u just how many star trek ocs I have

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i can’t get over this fucking gif look at him look how devastated he is he was so certain that captain rum was the right answer who does he think he is

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